April 21, 2016

Trek to the Valley of flowers – Beyond Zanskar Ranges

The picturesque valley of flowers is one of the most beautiful and blessed places of Uttarakhand. It is one place that promises you every inch and every second of fun and loads of love from nature till you complete your journey.

valley of flower

Valley of flowers lies in the backdrop of huge and equally thrilling Zanskar mountain ranges. This paradise was for many years unknown to the world outside and it was in the year 1931 that the mountaineer Frank S. Smith discovered it.


Trek to the valley of flowers is at least a 7-days trek and you can even extend if you wish to stay longer. I bet you, this will be a trek of a lifetime you will ever experience. Why? Some interesting facts you should know about before discovering the immense serenity and beauty of this place – valley of flowers


  1. Was discovered in 1931 by Frank S. Smith
  2. Is a world heritage site
  3. Is spread in the 87 square kilometer expanse of the Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district.
  4. Is the conversion point of Zanskar Himalayas, Western Himalayas, and Eastern Himalayas
  5. Snow clad mountain peaks protect the beauty of valley of flowers
  6. Has still managed to maintain its forever charm and natural beauty. It is these mountains that valley of flowers has its beauty intact.
  7. Majestic flowers blossom in the hotter months and in the winters it is covered in ice.
  8. During the monsoon season, this place looks just like the flowery bed with each and every hue set in its place just right to impart utmost pleasure to your eyes.
  9. For taking a look at its scenic beauty, you can have a tedious but pleasing stroll.
  10. Enables you to witness the beauty of small streams, cascading waterfalls, above all, there are flowery meadows that are waiting for you.
  11. Shows you the beauty of majestic peaks, flamboyant paddocks, crystal-like streams and a rich wildlife.


When is the time you can catch this place in its utmost beauty?


The month of summers i.e. from June to October you will experience the cool weather where the maximum temperature can reach close to 17ºC . This time is perfect for enjoying the panoramic beauty.


From the month of November to May the peaks are covered with snow and it becomes difficult to go for any outdoor activities. This time, the minimum temperature can be as low as 7ºC.


So the best time when you can visit this place is between the months of July to October.