April 25, 2014

Enjoy your trip to the holy and sacred site Gaya

India is the place of beauty and diversity. From forests to sea beaches to holy places- you can find everything in India. Gaya is considered as one of the holy places and thousands of Hindu devotees come to this small city every year from various parts of the country. The Vishnu Temple is the main attraction and it is believed that one’s soul goes to heaven if the final rites are performed there. That is why the people come here to perform the final rites of their near and dear one’s here and throughout the year Gaya remains extremely crowded. You can find different types of holiday packages for Gaya. You can check and choose the one suitable for you. However, it would be better if you plan your trip in advance. You would be able to book the hotels and visit the places in Gaya in hassle free way. Otherwise, you might not get a good hotel to stay there.

Winter is the best time to visit Gaya as summers are really hot there. From July to September you can experience the tropical monsoon there.

Places to see in Gaya-

Gaya is one of the main Hindu religious centers. The devotees come to this place to wash away their sins and for funerary offerings at the bank of river Ganges. Apart from that there are some other places to visit in Gaya. The Vishnupad Temple is definitely the main attraction there. The architecture of this temple is brilliant and it is located at the bank of River Falgu. This river is another beautiful place to see in Gaya. In most part the river flows underground and you can see only sand. Only in certain places you can see the water stream. This river played a crucial part in famous Hindu epic Ramayana. According to Mythology, Goddess Sita had cursed this river and that is why the water stream is covered with sand. Apart From that you can also visit the archeological museum in Gaya. To get a brilliant view of the full city you must visit the Brahmajuni hill. You need to cross one thousand steps to reach the hill top and from there you can get an amazing view of the whole Gaya city. Bodhgaya is around 15 km from Gaya. You can take a trip to that beautiful city from Gaya. The beautiful monasteries will provide you the much needed peace. You can also visit the caves of Barabar. These caves are ancient and the inscriptions inside the caves were made during the Mauryan dynasty. This is definitely a fascinating place. Rajgir is another beautiful place that you can visit from Gaya and can stay overnight.

How to reach

There are many trains from the other city passes through Gaya. You can also take buses from the nearest cities to reach there. The bus service is really good in Gaya. Auto rickshaws are the main mode of public transportation in the city. You need to be careful before hiring the auto.

However, you need to be very careful about some traps in the city. There are some deceitful guides that offer the tourists to show the city just to fetch extra money from them in various ways. You need to check their ID card before start taking their guidance.

With the little measure of safety, you can travel through this ancient city peacefully. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of this city in amidst the busy city life.

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