April 18, 2014

Enjoy your weekend at Panchgani – A beautiful place surrounded by hills all over

A famous hill station, Panchgani which is located around 100 Km away from Pune and 18Km way from Mahabaleshwar is one of the famous tourist spots. It is located on the river side of the Sahyadri ranges. The climate in Panchgani is quite cold and this place is full of scenic beauty all over. You will find many fields all around and you can also get a beautiful view of Dhom Dam.

You can enjoy a weekend vacation for Panchgani with your friends or family. Panchgani is known as “Switzerland of India” as it is surrounded by five hills and is the most peaceful place in India. This place has high seismic activities as it is situated on a volcanic plateau. The tourists can enjoy visiting at some of the major cities located nearby Panchgani like Mumbai which is 285Km away, Pune which is 100 Km away and Mahabaleshwar which is only 18Km away. There are some other places also near to Panchgani like Satara and Wai. You cannot miss visiting these places at your weekend vacation for Panchgani.weekend_getaway_panchgani-_in_mumbai

There are some of the main tourist attractions which are perfect for a weekend vacation for Panchgani. Sydney Point, one of the major attractions of Panchgani is situated on a hill facing the Krishna Valley. You can enjoy the view of the Dhom Dam from here as well. This point is just 2 Km away from bus stands of Panchgani, so this can be the first place to visit when you enter Panchgani. Table Land is another tourist place and is the 2nd Longest plateau in Asia. Devi’s Kitchen, another tourist place, on the south of Table Land is believed to be visited by the Pandavas. You can enjoy visiting these places and can spend your weekend visiting these amazing places here at Panchgani. People who love being with nature can also enjoy long walks here as they will find thick woods with amazing green surroundings all over the place. Tourists can also enjoy visiting the mountain peak and can view the plains from there. The coastal plains give a beautiful view similar to minute watercolors all across the area.

Tourists can enjoy the Wednesday market here, which is very popular among the local residents as well as the visitors. Strawberries are grown locally here and you should not forget to taste them. If you are a cake or pastry lover, then do not forget to visit the Roach and Sons bakery which is the oldest in Panchgani. You will find all sorts of hotels or resorts suitable to your budget. Though, Panchgani does not have much of the big restaurants available, but tourists will surely find some of the restaurants serving both Punjabi and South Indian food. A weekend vacation for Panchgani is going to be one of the amazing times spent with your family and friends. The best time to visit Panchgani is from September to May. You should avoid visiting this place in the monsoons as in this season you would not be able to enjoy much of the beautiful view here.

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