June 9, 2014

Fun ways to enjoy Turkey with your kids

Turkey is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the world for both adults and children. It has been ranked the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world. The numbers of tourists visiting have been increasing greatly over the years. There are numerous beaches, museums and historic sites, parks, malls, monuments, landscapes, cities and many others. These give both tourists and locals, numerous options to choose from on where to go, what to see and what to do. If you are a parent who wants to visit Turkey with your children and are wondering if the country is child friendly, I would say yes. Plus, children are loved a lot by the Turks, and the kids will find a remarkable range of unforgettable fun things to do.turkey holidays


Being a Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul has it all. Here are some ideas for the parents visiting with their kids.

Play and Learn

Hidden behind the German Hospital, a five minute walk from Taksim Square is this park that is designed for kids up to the age of 6 years and has lots of activities that make the children learn while playing. Parents can join in or better yet, let the children explore on their own.

Rahmi M Koc Museum

Housed by the exquisite 19th century factory on the shore of the Golden Horn is this museum worth visiting with all. As the kids climb all over a vintage car, take a submarine ride and take a seat on a plane’s cockpit the parents can take this chance to view the Turkish history in this museum. The family can then head to one of the two fine restaurants on the premises for a bite.turky attraction

Basilica Cistern

This unusual attraction in the city is an exciting place for all. The children will be enchanted with the dripping of the water and the quite creepy lighting and the parents will be thrilled to see the wide underground water cistern which contains 336 marble columns to support the roof. There is a wishing corner too!

The Grand Bazaar

The grand bazaar is one of the oldest and the biggest shopping centers in the world and the whole family will be surprised at the numerous shops and items being sold at the bazaar. It has over 3000 shops and has over 250,000 visitors every day. Items range from carpets and clothing to leather goods and gold jewelry. One can pick gifts and souvenirs for family members at the bazaar.


Turkey also has many beaches that the family can visit and enjoy themselves. Most of these beaches are located along the southern and southwestern coasts known as the Turkish Riviera.

The city of Antalya is accepted as the tourism capital of turkey due to the numerous beaches there.

The family can also visit Fethiye, a coastal town where the kids can play at the beach, or take a harbor cruise, or can go hiking in the Keyakoy ghost town and take part in many other fun activities. Other, less crowded beaches the family can visit include Ovabuku, Butterfly valley, Amos, Gemiler, Cirali, Kaputas, Ortadkent, Hisaronu bay, Gunluklu and Kabas.


Parents can take the children to visit the Grand aquarium in Istanbul and the Istanbul Underwater world, Turkey has many water parks to choose from since it has the finest water parks in the world.

Animal parks are also great tourist attractions. The family can visit the Izmir Wild Life Park the City of Izmir and many other zoos in the country

Your visit to turkey has been made easier by the introduction of the e-visa and you can now purchase your Turkish Visas online at the comfort of your homes. Why not give your kids a nice gift of letting them enjoy the fun in Turkey?