October 7, 2016

Uplift your spirits in the home of Asiatic Lions

Lions have always been known as the “King of the Jungle”, for their ferocious yet calm personalities. Knowing that you have the power yet using it only in the well being of your family is the kind of quality which makes Lions separate from others. Gir National Park, located in the regions of Gujarat is the home to Asiatic lions. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by a Nawab in 1900 to preserve the population of these divergent lions. These Asiatic lions after Africa can be seen only in Gujarat in the entire world.

Here are the top most attractions in Gir National Wildlife Sanctuary:


wildlife safari

Apart from the wild Asiatic lions roaming around free in the jungle, there are about 300 leopards in this forest. Sambhar, which is also known as the largest Indian deer is also seen in this national park. It is also the home for about 200 species of beautiful birds and around 50 species of reptiles. This place is best to spot wild lions living in their space without disturbing any tourists. Wildlife photographers are able to capture the best close up shots of these lions, provided they do not bother their peace and territory.




Devaliya Safari Park is a part of Gir National forests, which is covered with double gate entry system to educate tourists more about the nature and wildlife of this alluring national park. Tour to Devaliya is organised in mini bus which gives the tourists the opportunity to explore the inside life of this wildlife sanctuary. Apart from Wednesday’s Devaliya tour is available throughout the year.

Jeep Safari


Jeep safaris in Gir National Park are the most exciting and thrilling activity. It is quite a stirring experience to take a ride in a open jeep in the middle of the forests. This is the only way one can experience the unseen flora and fauna, the wild species such as Indian Cobras, jungle cats, desert cats including Asiatic lions in the groups or playing with their families. Jeep guides are always around to take you spots where you can spot wild creatures, living in their homes.

Gir Jungle Lodge


Skip staying in any resort while touring for Gir Nationa Park. The best way to experience the real nature and beauty of this wildlife sanctuary is a stay in Gir Jungle Lodge. Located at the entrance of this beautiful jungle, this luxurious lodge will provide you the best lavish services. Due to its location, Gir Lodge gives you the best nature view and a true feeling of staying in a Jungle with the most exclusive services.

Gangeswar Temple


Situated about 30kms from Gir National Park, in the Fudam village, there lies a hindu holy temple known as Gangeswar temple. It represents the Lord Shiva symbols, and its significance. Grab some Lord Shiva powers and Goddess Parvati energies on your tour to this Wildlife sanctuary and complete your spectacular journey to the land, which is known to be the home to these Asiatic Lion species.