November 18, 2016 Want Adventure? A Himalayan Family Activity Holiday Is Sure to Take Your Breath Away!

Want Adventure? A Himalayan Family Activity Holiday Is Sure to Take Your Breath Away!

Life is meant to be lived in a balanced way. Working hard to achieve your professional goals, creating a relaxed environment for the family and offering yourself new opportunities to feel entertained are all part of a beautiful existence. Traveling also plays an important role in this process. The thrills come from discovering new places that are worth visiting for the wide range of tourist attractions they feature.

These also come from the opportunity of encountering different people and local customs that reveal the world through a different perspective every time. Among all the exotic destinations that a family could choose for their next activity holiday, the Himalayas find their place on top of the list for a wide range of reasons. Let’s discover them below.

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Bring Joy into Your Life on the Heights of the Himalayas

Even the most classic Himalayan family trip will certainly surprise you in the most pleasant way. Just the idea of reaching the highest peaks on foot while breathing the fresh air and being reunited with the natural environment will make you feel more alive than ever. Sharing such a lovely experience with your life partner and children will make you feel even greater and it will become a valuable lesson and treasurable memory for the entire family.

Nepal is the place where you can go if you want to combine thrilling adventures with the discovery of the most awesome scenery in the world. A mini-trek adventure with your family will help you stretch your legs in the most pleasant way ever. You can engage in an amazing expedition into the fabulous hills of the area and choose a new place for overnight sleep every time to make sure you always discover new spectacular scenery to enjoy.


Moreover, you can also spend time with your family visiting the traditional Nepali villages or trying out white-water rafting on the imposing Trisuli River. This will take any idea of the adventure that you may have had in your mind to the next level. Not to mention the fact that you can also explore the wild land of the Chitwan National Park by jeep and feel like your new life is taking place right in the middle of the jungle now.



Surround Yourself with the Himalayan Wildlife for the Adventure of Your Life

If you have decided that it is time to experience the adventure of your life with your family in the Himalayas, you must also consider engaging in a mini-trek trip in the Annapurnas. The thrills of white-water rafting in the area as well as the opportunity of being directly faced with the real wildlife represented by rhinos, crocodiles, birds and tigers will make it worth every moment.

Moreover, if you and your children are also interested in discovering more about your creative side, you could also try your hand at pottery making under the guidance of locals. They will love to tell you all about their customs and traditions and help you become a part of their touristic world.


Exploring the jungle by foot will bring that powerful emphasis on the whole idea of adventure in the mountains and the jungle. Your children will love the experience and will learn a valuable lesson about life in the natural land. The farm experience can also be lived by you during this new adventurous trip in Nuwakot. A lot of interesting things to discover there as well so that such a trip will be one in which any second can belived feeling the thrills of the wild adventure.


Enjoy the Thrilling Experience Offered by Locals in the Himalayas

Locals in the Himalayas are always eager to receive new tourists into their secret land of perfect natural balance. No matter whether you spend the night at Kathmandu, in Bhaktapur or stay in the lakeside hotel at Pokhara, you will find locals willing to tell you the amazing history of the region.


You will have so much to learn about the way in which these people manage to still live their lives in the simplest way possible yet be so advanced in their thinking and way of seeing life. If a worth to remember adventure is what you want to plan for your family, we recommend the Himalayan holidays because there is so much to discover in the area.