April 30, 2015

Wayanad, religiously sacred & an interesting place to visit

Wayanad is certainly a destination where one would like to spend his holidays. Filled with several revered temples that age centuries, regions that are capped by dense greenery, and locals who are most friendly, Wayanad is a district in the Indian state of Kerala, and is perfect for a sojourn vacation. The Wayanad district was formed by taking out some parts of Kozhikode and Kannur. The headquarter of the Wayanad district is based in the Kalpetta town. Even in the era of modernization, the district is minimally modernized, making it a region that is still unpolluted and unspoiled. The district is home to multiple indigenous tribes, who still spend their lives in pretty much the same way as their ancestors did. The region was originally called Mayakshetra, which changed to Mayanad and finally to Wayanad. It is also the least populous district in the entire state. The good thing is that Wayanad shares its borders to Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Besides, it is also the neighbour of Kozhikode, Kannur, Nilgiri, Mysore, and Coorg, which are primarily the most popular tourist destinations in South India. Being situated close to these many significant towns and cities, makes Wayanad a perfect getaway for the locals and tourists in the neighbouring cities and tourist destinations.Wayanad Tourist Places

According to the data, Wayanad and the regions around it started to inhabit humans centuries back. Some historians believe that humans started to settle in the region at least around ten centuries before the era of Christ. Nonetheless, even being habituated by humans since long, the signs of modernization are very few in here. Nevertheless, Wayanad is a perfect destination for spending tranquil-unspoiled vacation in the laps of nature. Eco tourism forms a major part of the district’s tourism. However, it is also for the religious region’s people head to Wayanad. The district is replete with several temples that not only own huge religious significance, but also have been standing on the sites for centuries.THAMARASSERY GHAT - Wayanad

Located about 32 km from Mananthavady, the place where the municipality of Wayanad is headquartered, there is one ancient Vishnu temple that ought to be visited. The temple is called the Thirunelli Temple and is one of the most revered temples of south India. Taxis and cabs can be hired to reach the site of the temple. Besides, there are certain good budget hotels in Wayanad that offer transportation services to the temple. Although, there is no exact proof of when the temple was built, but it is certain that it is at least 1000 years old. Meanwhile, there are several religious belief attached with the temple. Every one of which is interesting, but has no feasible proof.

According to one popular belief, when Lord Brahma was travelling round the earth, he spotted a Vishnu idol lying under an Amla tree. He then installed the temple there and then worshipped lord Vishnu in the temple. It is after this that temple and the place started gaining popularity and reverence. Even today, it is believed that everyday lord Brahma worships lord Vishnu here in the wee hours. Hence, before closing the temple gates at night, the head priest of the temple leaves fresh worshipping materials inside.Tourist Attractions in Wayanad

Adjacent to the temple there flows the river Papanashini, which is conceived to be a medium to wash off the lifetime of sins. Taking a dip in the water of the river is one of the most loyally followed activities in the region. Other that, there also exist a number of other religious temples of lord Shiva, Ganesha, and other Hindu gods and goddesses dispersed around Thirunelli.