March 28, 2016

Weekend Getaways from Shirdi that Let You Unwind

Shirdi was the home of Sai Baba, the blessed soul of the twentieth century. Baba lived in Shirdi for more than a huge part of a century, i.e. he put in more than 50 years of his extraordinary this immaterial little town in a huge pioneer site, where enthusiasts from all over the country used to come to visit him and offer their supplications to God. Apart from having mystical characteristics and attractions, there are some amazing places around Shirdi which you can consider for an extended trip. Let those throbbing nerves calm down, buddy!

Although Pune is one of the most famous weekend getaways from Shirdi, having a nominal Pune to Shirdi taxi fare; there are other mesmerizing destinations too in the vicinity of Shirdi that you should consider. Here’s a list of the some of the finest places around Shirdi that you can consider.

nashik tour


The city of Nasik is arranged on the banks of the consecrated Godavari stream. Nasik, at a height of 565 m above ocean level, is immersed in religious festivals and fine quality wine. The city is home to a mind blowing number of sanctuaries and the exceptionally well known Kumbh Mela. No big surprise, Nasik is viewed as the holy capital of the Hindus. The city got its name from the epic – Ramayana. It is not an ideal hill station, but rather sits lovely in the bowl of the Sahyadri Hills, facilitating for some relaxing and quiet time. Chopta Accommodation will other option for you.



Aurangabad is renowned for its social differing qualities and is specked with various old landmarks, royal residences and tombs. Today, it has emerged as one of the greatest business centers of India because of the expansive number of piece of clothing commercial ventures prospering here, particularly delivering silk things. The city is ideal for history buffs and heritage lovers.


Trimbakeshwar or Trambakeshwar is an explorer focus/sanctuary in Trimbak town arranged around 28 kms from Nasik city in Maharashtra. Committed to Lord Shiva, the sanctuary town of Trimbak is said to house one of the 12 Jyotirlingas devoted to the Lord. Trimbakeshwar is situated on the banks of the blessed Godavari stream comfortable foothills of the Bhramagiri goes and has achieved notorious religious significance throughout the years, particularly as a result of the River Godavari that is likewise said to be the origination of Lord Ganesha. Devotees trust that performing imperative ceremonies, particularly the “shraddh” function at Trimbakeshwar can help the departed spirit to achieve salvation.



Bhandardara is an occasion resort town situated in western India. The town is arranged in Ahmednagar region, condition of Maharashtra. Bhandardara is situated at a separation of 185 km from Mumbai. This resort is situated at the River Pravara. The excellence of the resort is enchanting. The three components of the spot are very stunning. These are restoring atmosphere, beguiling mountains and unequivocal quietness, and make Bhandardara one of the best weekend getaways from Shirdi.

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