February 16, 2015


Kerala is blessed with nature’s choicest bounties with the most beautiful geographical diversity. It has the serene resplendence of hills, the vast expanses of sunbathed beaches, fresh smelling spice plantations, the splendid backwaters whose fringes remain ornamented with tall palm trees, and so much more! You will never be tired of praising the blessings that nature has bestowed upon Kerala and due to all these ‘paradise like’ features Kerala has been called God’s Own Country. Here we have complied up a bucket list of all the things that have made Kerala one of the best holiday destinations in the whole of India:kerala backwater

Kerala Backwaters: The backwaters of Kerala are extremely popular among holiday goers because of the fact that these are the most scenic tourist attraction in the whole state. These backwaters being embellished with palm trees on the coast look awesome with water ripples sparkling beautifully in the sunshine. An overnight cruise put in your Kerala tour itinerary will surely be an experience that you’ll treasure for the whole of your life as silver light spread all over from the moonlit sky makes the whole setting look like heaven.kerala beache

Splendiferous beaches: Beaches in Kerala are lesser known as compared to others in India, but these should surely be given a visit during Kerala travel. The reason why we are saying this because these are not as crowded as the famous ones in Goa so you can just go and have a sunbath along with your whole family or maybe engage yourself in a chatting session or you can have a quiet walk along the shore with your sweetheart!kerala ayurveda

Amazing Ayurveda: Being the legacy of our knowledge wealthy ancestors, Ayurveda is a science that uses pure herbs and ancient practices for the purpose of wellness and healing. As you plan your Kerala tour you should definitely ask for inclusion of a stay at an Ayurveda resort. Here you are given a carefully planned schedule, aromatic massages and light vegan diet. With these you will feel all physical and mental strains fade away, making your body feel lighter. You can also learn yoga from an experienced instructor here.kerala cuisine

Fresh spice plantations: One necessary ingredient for the best tasting cuisines in the world is a handful of fresh spices! So we suggest that you embark on a Kerala tour and visit the spice plantations to take along with you a variety of spices back home for preparing scrumptious meals. Some of the famous spices grown in Kerala are cardamom, pepper, clove, cinnamon etc. The second thing that will interest you here is having a guided walk through the spice plantations.kerala hill station

The heavenly hill stations: Your Kerala visit will be incomplete without a stay at the idyllic hill stations here. Peace and tranquility are their characteristic features because of which you’ll simply love to spend your time here. Munnar is a well known hill station in Kerala perfect honeymoon destination for newlywed couples and a holiday destination for family trips.

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