December 8, 2015

Why you should Choose London based Serviced Apartments over Hotels

More homely, more cost effective, more you

It is no secret that the cost of short term stays in London is high.  Hotels tend to be expensive and what you get for your money tends not to live up to the price.  Although rooms can be nicely furnished with a good restaurant, often other costs such as meals are not included, and eating out is not cheap.  Whether you are planning a long or short term stay in Britain’s capital city, serviced apartments in London, are a far more viable alternative.  Here’s why;

service appartment

Home away from Home

No matter what way you spin it, hotels are quite soulless.  It is rare to find a hotel which doesn’t feel temporary, or where you are little more than ‘another guest’.  Serviced apartments on the other hand, offer you a home away from home.  Yes you cook your own meals, but this gives you an unlimited menu of your own favourites.  Serviced apartments also offer you the chance to personalise, something the average hotel cannot do.


Depending on what you’re after, serviced apartments in London are rarely more expensive than their hotel counterparts.  Hotels trap you into buying food from restaurants and street vendors, and this tends to become very expensive.  Serviced apartments however, give you the chance to prepare meals from food bought from a supermarket.  A much cheaper and often healthier alternative.

service appartment in london


Serviced apartments, even if they are in a block of apartments tend not to have the comings and goings of a hotel.  You are less disturbed by people wandering around in corridors or the constant opening and closing of doors.  The walls tend to be thicker too, so which television channel is being watched in the next apartment remains a mystery.  Serviced apartments effectively give you a second home, and as such the privacy level increases significantly.

Business or Pleasure

Whether you are staying in a serviced apartment on holiday, or whether you are on business, serviced apartments are perfect for both.  Reputable serviced apartments are not hard to find and often they can be found in the centre of London.  This makes commuting from place to place easier, especially given London’s comprehensive transport system.  

Serviced apartments offer a place where you can relax and plan your next visit to a museum or historic building. They provide the perfect place to chair a meeting or to work on the presentation you’re giving the following day.  Generally speaking, this is far more difficult in a hotel.

If you’re planning to send a colleague to clinch an important business deal, use a serviced apartment.  It will give them or indeed the team a space to work and prepare, and effectively gain an edge over the competition.

Ideal for Families

Family demands from accommodation are arguably higher than any other group.  Young children can often have or need a special diet.  Something most hotels will not cater for, or cater for at a premium price.  This issue can be negated by choosing a serviced apartment.  

Additionally, your average serviced apartment will provide better family space.  If you need to resort to a board game or watching a DVD on a rainy day, this is not going to be a problem.

Serviced Apartments in London

Serviced apartments are plentiful throughout London.  There are now several reputable companies which put owners in touch with travellers.  They present the information concisely and informatively, and they provide clear contact details and pricing.  Often booking a serviced apartment is simply a case of a few mouse clicks and entering details.

If you are planning a visit either for business or pleasure, choose a serviced apartment.  You will feel far more relaxed and more a part of London than you ever will staying at a hotel.  Click here [insert link] to discover the homely feel of serviced apartments.