March 18, 2017

Wildlife and Nature: Top 5 Places You Can Explore in March!

The spring season is here and everyone has already started making new travelling plans for this year. A short weekend break or a longer holiday can be planned in March if you wish to start the new season in a pleasant manner. Spring is all about visiting new places and enjoying the wonderful landscapes that Mother Nature puts at your disposal. It is the perfect time of the year to live a real wildlife experience in nature, amidst wild animals who show us their harmonic way of living. There are endless options at your disposal in this case so you should start planning your next trip around the world this March. We will offer you the starting inspiration for this plan right now by revealing top five places you can enjoy exploring this month.

Kalahari Desert, Namibia
Kalahari Desert, Namibia

Follow the Path of Meerkats and Big Cats in the Kalahari Desert, Namibia

The desert is the perfect option to consider when you wish to live memorable wildlife experiences. If you wish to find the perfect location for this, you should consider the Namibia region as well because the Kalahari Desert is filled with timeless places that put the most extraordinary surprises on the table for worldwide tourists. What will you find there? Colorful sand dunes that melt perfectly into the golden grass and which are surrounded by gorgeous acacia trees and rivers that have been dried-out.

When the wet season comes, the desert goes through an extraordinary transformation. It allows tourists to witness the magic of real pools of water gathering in the magnificent riverbeds in the north. If you go there at the right time, you can even get to see how the rivers there start to flow. Tourists who have travelled to this region have witnessed magnificent natural phenomena and have gone back home feeling reunited with nature and their origins.

Moreover, you get to witness real antelopes and elephants in their natural habitat. The way in which these wild animals are united with nature in a harmonic way is a real-life lesson that we should all learn. You will also get to see meerkats and other wild creatures who make this travelling destination wonderful to consider for your travelling plans this month.

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The Wild Five Safari Experience in Africa

If you wish to live the wildest safari experience of your life, Africa is definitely the location you should consider for this. It features the most varied of all the existing wildlife experiences across the world. You can engage in a classic jeep safari in the East Side of Africa. There, you can follow the Great Migration that occurs across the wild savannah.

Also, you can choose to engage in a self-drive trip in the South of Africa or Namibia. The landscapes in the area are wild and ready to offer you a clear picture of nature and the wilderness in its most original form. You can stop in Zambia and Botswana to experience the greatest Big Five bush walk of your life. Offer yourself the chance to see how wild elephants, leopards, buffalos and black rhinos live their life in this wild touristic area.

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Wild National Park Experience in Rajasthan

The Wild National Park Experience in Rajasthan

Another great top place where you can live a wild experience in nature this month is the National Park from Rajasthan. It used to be the most popular hunting ground for the Maharajas. Now it has become the most popular wildlife conservation park where you can see Tiger trails and Birds everywhere you look.

This place is filled with wildlife among ancient ruinedstructures, gorgeous arches and the most amazing domes. You get to see the Padam Talao Lake there as well as the Ranthambore fort. Get ready to witness wild tigers, hyenas, leopards, jungle cats and Indian foxes living their wild life in this National Park.

rocky mountain national park in colorado
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A Wild Experience in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Another location you should include on your wish list of wild places to visit this month is the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. This is the perfect destination for those who wish to experience real variety in terms of wildlife. You will see elk herds, bighorn sheep as well as the gorgeous moose and the mule deer living their wild life in this area. Moreover, this is one of the few destinations where you get to encounter the coyotes and see how they live and behave in the wilderness. You will learn a valuable wild lesson about your origins and the beauty of life in its most wild forms.

himalayan trekking
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Memorable Himalayan Trekking Experiences

When we think of adventure and wilderness, the Himalayas come to mind immediately as the perfect location where your wild touristic dreams can become reality. You can plan the most adventurous trip in this area this month and enjoy the rebirth of nature in a place that seems to come from a different world. You can engage in a group adventure expedition in Nepal and get to conquer the wildest mountain peaks while feeling energized and in strong connection with the natural environment.

You can also witness the real magic of the Himalayan walking holidays in Tibet, Pakistan or the regions of Nana Devi and Ladakh. Local leaders can guide you during your trekking adventure in the mountains and show you their way of having fun. Engage in hiking experiences, mountaineer climbs and cycling in the Himalayas, the mountains that offer endless possibilities of having fun in the wilderness.