June 5, 2015

4 Wildlife Themed Holidays You Should Consider

If you’re still thinking about what to do for your holiday this year, why not choose something that allows you to interact with wildlife. Read on to learn more about 4 great wildlife themed holiday!

Seeing Orangutans in Borneo

Travelling to Borneo to meet orangutans is a trip that’s worth every penny. These creatures are incredible, and there aren’t many places in the world in which you can get up close to them and interact with them. It’s the kind of trip that you won’t forget in a hurry, so if you want see these animals, Borneo is the best place.

It’s one of the two natural orangutan habitats left on the planet. The animals can be found in sanctuaries in the rainforest, but it’s nothing like visiting a zoo. You can find them be using a guide who will take you to where they’re located. They’ll also provide accommodation, and you might catch a glimpse of the pygmy elephants!back to nature

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A Husky Safari

The northern areas of Finland are within the Arctic circle, so you’ll be able to explore the frozen lakes and the snow covered land that no one lives on for miles and miles around. And there’s no better way to explore this environment than to be pulled through it on a sled by a team of huskies!a huskey safari

If you are interested in going on this type of trip, you should use an experienced company like The White Circle. That way you avoid any of the risks involved. And you’ll be free to enjoy the journey and the beautiful landscapes of Finland!penguines in antartica

Visiting Penguins in Antarctica

I’ll be honest, there aren’t too many attractions in Antarctica, so the penguins haven’t got a great deal to compete with. But they’re still a wonderful attraction, and a great reason to travel to that part of the world. And you’re pretty much guaranteed to see them. They congregate in large numbers, so they’re not hard to spot!

There are certain rules when you’re close to them though. It’s perfectly safe to be near them, but you need to be careful not to frighten them. You’re not allowed to move within 5 meters of them, but if they come that close to you, it’s fine. Don’t make quick moves and don’t make loud noises though.african safari

An African Safari

Going on an African safari is a world away from the experiences most of us are used to in our ordinary lives. You get to follow the movements of some of the most majestic and sometimes dangerous animals on the planet like lions and elephants. There’s something wonderful about getting this close to them in their natural habitats.

It’s completely safe though because you’ll be with an experienced guide and ranger to make sure everything goes smoothly. And the trips aren’t expensive either as some people imagine they are. Some trips cost a lot of money, but some of them are quite cheap.

Getting back to nature can be great when you’re taking a vacation, especially if you’re used to city living. So, try out these ideas!