January 20, 2016

Touring the cultural wonders of Maharashtra

There are several fantastic places of the national capital of India, that you can explore. The appealing tourist places in Maharashtra amongst few places you can explore from Delhi. Read on to know more about these amazing places in the state.

The state of Maharashtra can be a wonderful holiday destination for the one who’d like to explore the culture of the western part of the country. While Mumbai and Pune are the major attractions in the city, let’s take a look at some other tourist attractions in the state.

nanded district gurudwara

Nanded – Second largest city in the Marathwada region of the state. Nanded is home to the world renowned religious site for the Sikhs, the Gurudwara Hazur Sahib. Though a small city, Nanded is the place to be blessed by the presence of the first and the last guru of the Sikhs – Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh. While the former visited the city as a part of his tour, the latter spent his last days in the city and before departing his body established the Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal guru of the Sikhs. Historically, Nanded was under the rule of Deccan sultans and even the Mughals until the death of Aurangzeb. Later it went under the jurisdiction of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Today, you can find remnant of these glorious civilizations. You can find few Delhi to Nanded flights to reach the destination.

nashik tour

Nasik – Another quite popular city in the state, Nasik is fast emerging as a super city with educational and industrial hubs. Historically, Nasik was under the rule of the Marathas and Peshwas for a long time, and still there are several ruins and monuments from the medieval era. The modern Nasik appears a city with liberal thoughts and more friendly than Mumbai or Pune. With some amazing holiday destinations nearby the Western ghats, the city is readily becoming a tourist base to enjoy them. Also, the presence of magnificent vineyards and music festivals like the Sulafest, the city attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country and the globe.


Kolhapur – A fast growing city in the south-western part of the state, Kolhapur has established itself into a famous tourist place in the past few years. The city represents as perfect mix of nature and history, with several religious and cultural spots from the medieval era in the region. Apart from its historical wonders, the city is an emerging hub for industrial and commercial activities. Items like

Kolhapuri junk jewellery, bags, clothes and leather chappals are quite famous even in the surrounding regions. The city also has an extinguished array of fantastic dishes, which are prepared using some rare spices.

So, if you’re planning a trip to the state of Maharashtra, the above mentioned cities offers a wonderful glimpse into the glorious past of the state. Well connected with other major cities, you can easily find flights from leading airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, Spicejet and more.