November 19, 2013

Your First Holiday as a Couple – Is Your Partner Ready?

Being in a relationship is so full of interesting experiences. There’s the initial first date, where everything is very unsure and you don’t know where it’ll all go. Then there’s the introduction to the friends and family, which is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences EVER, followed by the experience that really lets you know how well your relationship is going… the first holiday alone.

When I say alone, I don’t mean with your parents in the room next door at one of the luxury hotels in Windermere. What I mean is that you stay at one of the luxury hotels in Windermere ALONE. So no parents there to bug you/listen in on your romantic antics (say no more – wink) and no friends staying in the same hotel because you didn’t want to brave a week alone just the two of you.

A real couple holiday means just the two of you for an extended period of time. Now for some couples, this is the best thing in the world because they finally get some time away from everyone else’s prying eyes and enjoy some ‘us’ time. However, other couples realize how little they have in common on a holiday.

Here are some signs that your relationship isn’t holiday ready yet:img1

–          If you want to relax and he/she wants a mental clubbing holiday. If they want clubs and nights of boozing, then they clearly aren’t ready to be alone with you yet. They obviously still crave the whole ‘safety in numbers’ thing so let he/she go off on their lads/girls holiday and save the romantic destination for later down the line.

–          If you spent loads of time searching for a holiday and they didn’t show any signs of wanting to look with you then they’re not ready. Chances are, they only said yes to make you happy, but they’re happy to leave all of the hunting and booking to you. A holiday without planning and exciting booking isn’t all that fun.

–          Does your partner keep mentioning various cables that could join you on your holiday? If so, then they clearly feel a bit insecure about spending time with just one other person. But that’s what a romantic holiday is all about; being on your own with no distractions.

–          Have they been talking about the holiday at all? If you’ve mentioned that you’d like to go away together but he/she hasn’t really mentioned it since then it’s not high on their list of priorities. Mention it again if you want to but don’t get your hopes up.

–          Whilst on holiday, do they keep trying to make friends with total strangers? There’s nothing wrong with being a bit sociable but not spending any time alone together at all isn’t healthy.

–          Do they keep leaving you in the room whilst they go out to bars with others? The frank answer is that they don’t care about spending time with you, so enjoy your time by doing what YOU want and ditch the loser when you get home!